Saturday, 8 September 2012

Toast - North Melbourne

The past few weeks have been pretty packed for me as my parents came over for a visit but it also meant more food reviews for me to do which is always good! My parents absolutely love brunch in Melbourne and especially so for my dad, who is a coffee lover and adores the coffee in Melbourne :)

So for their very first brunch, I decided to bring them to twenty and six in north melbourne as I've heard many people rave about that place and we were around the area too. Unfortunately it was a Sunday (yes, bad day to go for brunch at really popular places) and we were told that we had to wait at least 1.5 hours for our turn, so we decided to head down to Auction Rooms to try our luck there and the wait was equally long. Devastated and hungry, we just wanted some brunch and decided to look around the area for one that we could just settle for immediately and we came across Toast, that was pretty crowded but still had seats available.

As usual, we were asked to order the coffee first although I usually like my coffee after. Maybe it's just me haha. We had a cappuccino, a latte and a long black and they had some pretty cute designs on their coffee. Check out that dog face on the latte! 

My mom had the basic eggs benedict (you could add on other ingredients such as smoked salmon, spinach and bacon if you wanted for an additional charge for each) and the chef was pretty generous with the hollandaise sauce!

Eggs Benedict

The eggs were poached really well but the hollandaise sauce was a little too creamy and thick for our taste and probably needed more acidity in it to cut through the creaminess. 

As for myself, I love smoked salmon and so I ordered the salmon sensation, which was toasted bread with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, rocket and dill aioli.

Salmon Sensation

And it was simple, nothing fancy but pretty good. Just give me smoked salmon and eggs on toast (even better with smashed avocado) and I'm a happy girl. I like my scrambled eggs runny and this was a combination of both and overall I was happy with it.

Dad had the big breaky, which consisted of toasted bread, bacon, pesto mushrooms, sausages, grilled tomato, hash brown and my dad chose scrambled eggs.

Toast Big Breaky

The big breaky was pretty good, the mushrooms and sausage was nice but the eggs could be a little more runny (ok, my personal preference again) but it was a good value for $15.

In all, the brunch here was good but I wouldn't say that it is the best I have eaten and the staff were pretty friendly. However, a plus point is that their breakfast is served all day. Hooray to all-day breakfast! I'm never a morning person so I absolutely adore places with all-day breakfast. They had a lunch menu too and glancing over at the few tables beside us who had their lunch menu, it looked pretty good as well. Maybe lunch would be an option the next time I'm in the area.

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