Sunday, 5 August 2012

Brunch @ Madame Sousou

So I guess I shall start my very first entry about brunch as I'm absolutely a brunch lover! And I just love the fact that there are just so many awesome places for brunch in Melbourne! *Yays!* Well, a recent favourite of mine is Madame Sousou located at Brunswick St, Fitzroy. There are loads of other awesome cafes located on that street too so it shall go on my "places-to-check-out" list!

Well, we went there on a Sunday morning and it was pretty crowded, like most popular brunch places, but luckily we didn't have to wait long to get a seat. There are seats inside and outside but we got the ones inside as it was pretty cold that day. Deciding on what to order was pretty difficult as there are many items on the menu that I wanted to try! And so we decided to order a variety to share, although I was a little disappointed initially as I was hoping I could eat a whole portion by myself (Yes, I'm greedy like that haha!) but I was glad we shared! Everyone is always amazed at my huge appetite but I actually don't think I have a huge appetite? It's just that I get hungry pretty fast, so maybe it's because I have a high metabolism rate?? Ok, maybe I really do have a huge appetite...but I can't help it! 

So after a really really long wait, our dishes finally arrived :

Eggs Florentine

My ultimate favourite choice for brunch! I actually prefer eggs florentine to eggs benedict because I prefer the smoked salmon with spinach instead of the ham. And not forgetting that heavenly hollandaise sauce! The way I usually judge how good the eggs benedict/florentine is based on the hollandaise sauce. Some may think it's pretty easy to make hollandaise sauce but I don't necessarily think so. It's really difficult to find a good hollandaise sauce with the right balance! I have tasted some pretty bad ones and it just spoils the whole dish. But the ones at Madame Sousou is just great! Loved it :)

Sweetcorn and zucchini fritters 
- with smoked salmon, avocado salsa and horseradish cream

This second dish is the one we all wanted to try and can I just say that it was better than I expected it to be! I thought it sounded good on the menu but it tastes awesome! All the elements of the dish just complemented each other very well, especially the avocado salsa that just totally ties the whole dish together (does that sound a little too masterchefy? lol). But it was really great and I think we must have raved too much about it that the table next to us were also looking at our dishes and saying to each other that it looks great. And when their dishes came, we realised everyone ordered this dish! How cute is that!

Pain Perdu
- Chocolate and raisin brioche with cinnamon sugar and poached pear

And finally, there's no better way than to end a meal with something sweet! I thought the brioche was alright but I totally loved the poached pear! Maybe it's because I just have a thing for poached fruits and cinnamon. 

Overall, I thought the brunch was great! The place is pretty nice and cozy too, although it may be a little crowded on weekends and hence the really long wait for the food. But it's the same everywhere on a weekend I guess? I previously went there on a weekday and it was pretty quiet. So if you like a little peace and quiet while enjoying your brunch, it's good to come down during the weekdays.

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